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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  February 15, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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ay... even safety cones. now save big for your business with a $25 staples gift card when you buy a tablet. staples. make more happen. good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. it's 8:00 a.m. on saturday. we want to start you off with a quick first look at the weather. up on the roof, lisa argen. >> plenty of clouds out here. but we are the mildest location in the mid-50s and looking at more clouds to the north. and in the southern half of the bay. so it will be a cloudy afternoon. we'll look for the rain to move on in here in the north bay in the late afternoon to early evening hours. 52 in petaluma. livermore in the upper 40s. here's your forecast for the rest of the day. expect mostly cloudy conditions
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with high temperatures in the mid-50s at the coast. but elsewhere around the bay and inland, looking at upper 50s to lower 60s throughout the afternoon. so not as mild and muggy as it's been. temperatures near normal. rainfall's coming in but how much and when will be determined when we come back and chat a little bit in a few minutes. it's not as much as we would like but it's something. >> thank you, lisa. developing news now out of hayward, police investigating three stabbings, one of which left a man dead. police responded to a fight this morning in a parking lot behind buffalo bills brewery. they found a man stabbed to death. five minutes later, officers went to a car crash near eighth street and south garden avenue. no one was inside the car but police say two people showed up minutes later at a hospital with stab wounds. their conditions are not known. and at this time it appears all three incidents may be related. but police are still investigating. in san francisco, a motorcyclist has died after
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falling off a freeway on-ramp. it happened just before 2:00 this morning on the transition to southbound 101. police say the motorcyclist was traveling along the roadway when he veered to the left and was thrown from the bike, falling 30 feet to a parking lot below. no word yet if alcohol was a factor. developing thuz in morninne morning, the chp is investigating a crash. officials say the driver of a stolen van crashed while trying to elude chp officers. two other drivers were injured and a chp officer was taken to the hospital with a cut on his wrist. a bay area business under investigation by the state is dealing with additional backlash this morning. the company sells safeguard tubs which have reportedly left some customers unhappy. and now the company's employees are disgruntled. abc 7 news reporter alan wang has the details.
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>> reporter: about 100 employees were told they would not be getting their paychecks from a richmond company under state scrutiny. at least 30 wiare being laid of. >> i've been here six months. and probably had close to 100 different people tell me your business is horrible. >> reporter: greenworksus sells tubs advertised in commercials. part of the company is based in riverside county. i called the district attorney's office which confirmed this company's funds and financial records were seized as evidence in an ongoing investigation. last week, the contractors state license board rated greenworksus after many complaints were filed against it including overchar overcharging customers. steve smiths said he helped sell the tubs starting at $22,000.
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>> committing fraud and getting over ant elderly and handicap goes beyond what i believe in. >> reporter: but other employees called greenworksus a great company with satisfied customers. >> when we come into the home, we believe in what we're doing and try to help these people. >> reporter: after a confrontational two hours, the company paid its employees with cashier's checks. but now many are wondering how long it can stay in business. in richmond, alan wang, abc 7 news. we're learning more about the san jose firefighter accused of selling drugs and having sex with minors. 53-year-old mario cuestas was arrested. ama daetz has more on the story. >> reporter: the parish is reacting to the news of the arrest. he's been charged with sex acts with minors and child molestation. cuestas worked for the church three hours a week in the ministry of music. the diocese released a statement
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saying, prior to his employment, mr. cuestas submitted fingerprints. >> this is shocking. but it's disturbing, too. >> reporter: cuestas sometimes lived with his parents and neighbors said they'd occasionally see him at the house. >> he stayed at their house sometimes. >> reporter: they were disappointed to hear what cuestas is accused of. >> my wife said she saw the police officers or the sheriffs over here about 12:00 or 12:30. >> reporter: investigators are still sorting through all the evidence they collected from cuestas' home and office in a raid which could lead to more charges. president obama is in los angeles this morning after a whirlwind tour of california's drought-stricken central valley. the president's pledged more than $160 million to help farmers struggling with the worst drought in state history.
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he says the entire country is dependent upon california for products used every day. >> california's our biggest economy. california is our biggest agricultural producer. so what happens here matters to every working american right down to the cost of food that you put on your table. >> the president also held a roundtable discussion with farmers and visited a farm in merced county where the land will go unplanted this year. 25% of farmland will not be used because of the drought. san francisco city leaders joined a crowd of hundreds of people outside city hall yesterday to be part of the 1 billion rising movement. the global campaign is an effort to end violence against women. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: hundreds danced in the street at san francisco city hall led by the black eyed peas member. they wrapped up 24 hours of dancing in cities around the
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world, like serbia, kenya and montenegro. thousands of people in more than 200 countries dancing for one goal. >> we've been raising awareness about violence toward women and girls. we need to speak justice for those. >> reporter: 1 billion rising is a reference to the shocking statistic that one in three women will be victims of abuse or rape in their lifetime. organizers of this event say one of the best tools against domestic violence is information for victims. dancing raises awareness, but organizers hope to get legal information directly to victims. >> we're going to have a legal clinic on march 1st at uc hastings in tandem with 1 billion rising. >> reporter: and legal advice can be important even if law enforcement isn't able to take a case to court. >> the one thing that doesn't work is the lack of intervention. domestic violence especially has a tendency to cycle up. >> reporter: mayor ed lee led the crowd in a pledge against violence.
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this is the second year of the 1 billion rising event outside san francisco city hall. santa clara county prosecutors have dropped murder charges against a man who stabbed an off-duty bouncer. the killing outside the bar was done in self-defense, they say. it happened after a confrontation early wednesday morning prosecutors reviewed surveillance footage and concluded he was also armed with a knife. new details on a massive beef recall linked to a petaluma slaughterhouse. it includes 80 businesses and food distributors who received some of the 8 million pounds of potentially tainted beef from the rancho feeding corporation. the distributors now include schools, food banks and farmer's markets in san francisco and oakland. we have a full list of those dribsers on our website, go to two cases of apparent dog
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poisoning just days apart. the incidents were reported in a vintage parkway area. one owner posted their suspicions about dog poisoning on facebook on february 5th and then a second person rushed their dog to the vet for the same reason two days later. lieutenant governor gavin newsom has dropped his support of high-speed rail. he says he would take the money and redirect it to more pressing needs. it's the same position most republicans have taken. newsom says he's not the only democrat that feels this way. 8:09 on your cloudy saturday morning. let's check in with lisa argen. >> good morning. you're right about that. in fact, we're going to look for the clouds to bring us a little rain later on today. here's a look outside where you can see not much in the way of color. 50 degrees, san jose. we'll talk about how long the rain will stick around and when it arrives in just a few minutes. >> thank you. also next, celebrating chinese new year.
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san francisco style. what you'll see at tonight's very popular parade. also, frustration at task time. what you need to watch out for when hiring someone to do your taxes.
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is in e almond. a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. good . get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of u.s. snowboarding. welcome back, everyone. 8:12 on your saturday morning. a live look from our emeryville camera. speaking of itself. gray skies, gray water. it's a cloudy morning in the bay area. that's going to lead to a little bit of rain. depending on where you are, lisa argen will tell you when it's going to fall coming up in her forecast. oakland's police department is facing new challenges as it looks to hire recruits from inside the city. our media partner "the contra
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costa times" reports 8% of last year's police academy graduates were oakland residents, far below those of san jose and san francisco. the report finds residents are less likely to meet hiring requirements and are more likely to have a negative opinion of the police department. voters in san jose may soon have a chance to beef up their city's police department, but at the expense of other public services. our media partner "the mercury news" says a proposed ballot measure would allow the city to spend 40% of etc. general fund tax dollars on the police department each year. currently they spend about 30%. the change would allow the police department to restore staffing to peak levels from last decade but it would mean cuts to other city services. a rare east coast earthquake jolted parts of south carolina and georgia last night. the magnitude 4.1 quake had an ep center 22 miles northwest of augusta. it hit at 7:23 last night our time. police along the state lines said they felt the shaking but
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no injuries or major damage have been reported. oakland-based pandora is getting ready to roll out a new advertising service claiming it will be better than ever. it's figuring out your political preferences. "the wall street journal" says starting next week, the internet radio company will match users' zip codes with election results in the area where they live. then based on the type of music they're listening to, pandora will label them democrat, republican or something else. pandora will use the information to directly target users with political advertising. the company says its predictions on political preferences are 75% to 80% accurate. tech companies have taken a big bite out of weight watchers' profits. stocks dropped 25% yesterday after the company released a dismal earnings report and plans to resize. analysts say some customers are opting for free diet apps on their handheld devices instead of paying for weight loss plans. weight watchers hopes to regain customers by getting health
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insurance companies to subsidize membership fees. a warning as people and accountants gear up for tax season. michael finney has details in his exclusive partnership with "consumer report." >> reporter: alan abrams gets a phone call from someone who sounded like a legitimate irs agent. he demanded a $5,000 tax payment within the hour or else. >> i would be handcuffed and thrown in jail. it was absolutely the most terrifying thing i have experienced that i can remember. >> reporter: this type of brazen attempted braud has happened in nearly every state. "consumer reports" says the first red flag was the phone call. the irs typically contacts you first by mail, not by phone. >> still, the imposters can be quite convincing. they often use phony names and irs badge numbers. they even enlist accomplices who claim to be the police. >> reporter: another type of scam can come through texts and
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e-mails, which demand confidential information, claimed to be missing from your tax return. >> those so-called phishing schemes are aimed at getting important information like your social security number. that way, the scam artist can steal your identity. and then they can claim your refund using a fraudulent tax return. >> reporter: the irs does not ask for personal information by e-mail or text. so these, too, are red flags. >> if you think you've gotten an e-mail phishing for confidential information, send it to if you get a suspicious phone call, report the incident to the authorities. >> reporter: you can contact a treasury inspector general for tax administration at 1-800-366-4484. it may also be appropriate to alert the fbi. that's what alan did after his accountant warned him that the phone call was probably a scam. i'm michael finney, 7 on your
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side. >> if you're hiring a tax preparer, here is some advice. don't fall for too good to be true promises about a big refund or penalty reductions. look for preparers who will sign your tax return themselves as well as provide a preparer tax id number. never allow a refund to go into the preparer's account. it should always be sent to you. nasa has solved a minor mystery on mars. a rock described by scientists as looking like a jelly doughnut did not just appear next to the rover. it was broken off from a larger rock. it caused a stir when the piece of rock suddenly appeared in a nasa image. scientists found out it contains elements that suggest it was formed by moving water. the chinese new year parade is happening tonight. last year, finishing touches were being put on the floats. there will be a 200-foot golden
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dragon. one concern for many people is the weather. >> once the parade is going, the rain -- everything is rain-proof. it's just hard to build in the rain. >> the parade will go forward rain or shine. this is the year of the horse which officially began january 31st. take a look now at the parade route. it starts at 5:20 p.m. on market, goes up geary street and down post and kearny streets. union square and chinatown will be packed and the union square garage will be closed. grant avenue between california street and broadway will be closed. pacific avenue between columbus avenue and stockton street, jackson street between stockton and kearny streets and washington street between stockton and kearny streets. the fair includes art demonstrations, puppet shows. the street fair gets under way at 10:00 zblrnlg.
8:19 am
we heard the floats can endure the rain but spectators could get drilled a little bit. lisa argen is up on the roof. you've tracked it and say part of the parade maybe? >> yeah. it's likely especially towards the end of it. bring the rain gear. be prepared. it's beginning in the north bay. boy, do we need the rain. still only 20% to 30% around the bay. you can see it offshore. a little bit of drizzle around parts of some of the neighborhoods this morning. but otherwise, it's cloudy with some areas of fog. 50, san jose. 51 in redwood city. 54 in half moon bay. san jose, just 27% of normal with 2.60 inches of rain for the season. so mt. tam looking cloudy and misty this morning. you'll be looking at the rain by about the dinner hour. 52, petaluma. 54 in vacaville, livermore at 49 degrees. and san jose sitting with the clouds. areas of fog south of san jose and along the coast, rain
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arrives tonight for most. overnight down around the central santa clara valley. we'll look for sunny skies to return for sunday and presidents d day. here's our satellite. the moisture we need is well up into the pacific northwest. seattle and portland. we'll get a little piece of energy. it's an area of low pressure coming down from the gulf of alaska with a cold front. as a result, that will give the east bay and south bay a little bit more rain than we forecasted last weekend. 6:00 tonight, cloverdale, santa rosa, point reyes, by 8:00, vallejo, berkeley and oakland could be getting rain. san mateo, wait till about 9:00, 10:00. and san jose through the overnight hours. and gilroy looking at scattered showers. we're sunny tomorrow and temperatures will be right about average. rainfall amounts, .25 inches to an inch in the north bay. .05 to maybe .20 in the south
8:21 am
bay. headed to the sierra nevada? it will be windy with some sun. but look at that temperature, 57 degrees. the snow level starts out high, near 8,000 feet. lowers to near lake levels. so a rain/snow mix. 3 to 6 inches. but by monday, partly cloudy with a high of 50. today on the coast, 60. yosemite, 68. all that nice snow pretty much melted that you got in the central sierra. 76 in los angeles. we'll be looking at highs around the bay a little cooler than what we've had the past few days. had some records yesterday. 60 in vallejo. 63 in morgan hill. mostly cloudy with a few areas of sprinkles. chinese new year parade, some showers. temperatures in the mid-50s at 5:15 and staying through the 8:00 hour. rain tonight, clearing out tomorrow. it will be sunny sunday, monday. chance of showers, just a sprinkle. this is a very weak system on
8:22 am
tuesday. wednesday, thursday, partly cloudy. by friday, cooler. abc 7 news is another great weather resource for you to follow on twitter for the latest bay area conditions rain or shine. it's good luck, isn't it, for a little rain on the parade, i think? >> that's what they say. it will be a good time no matter what. comes with the territory, right? >> yeah. >> thanks, lisa. coming up next, touching video of a little boy in california who got a big surprise from a garbage truck driver. we'll explain.
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all nominees are getting a goody bag worth $55,000. the freebies include a $9,000 trip to las vegas or a personalized tour through japan worth $15,000. bottles of luxury vodka. maple salad dressing worth $240. along with designer jewelry, shoes and handbags. all the good stuff. abc 7 is the only place where you can see the oscars. oscar sunday is march 2nd. mark your calendars. little kids love trucks. but daniel newburger takes it to a new level. he has autism and he's passionate about garbage trucks. each week, he runs out to meet the truck on his street. this past monday, daniel got quite a surprise thanks to truck driver manuel sanchez. >> what's up, daniel? >> daniel, look at it. can you look?
8:26 am
it's a garbage truck. daniel! >> daniel's mom was so touched by manuel's act of kindness, she posted the video on facebook. it has gone viral. it's been seen by thousands of people around the world. definitely a bright spot for all of us. downtown san francisco was a flurry of feathers and synthetic filler yesterday for the great san francisco pillow fight. once the clock struck 6:00 at justin herman plaza, thousands of pillow-toting combatants began the fight. plumes of feather rs went soaring into the air. the annual bash left behind a huge mess for public works. three hours after it began, crews started to weep up. the clean-up is estimated to cost the city 4,3$4,300. up next, the impact of the drought. is mandatory water rationing in california's future? one bay area town is going to give it a try. plus, raising the federal minimum wage, what president
8:27 am
obama says americans should do if congress opposes his plan. so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want
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chase. so you can
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of the besis that millions of ra is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at welcome back, everyone. it's 8:30. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we're starting out with plenty of clouds, even some fog in the north bay. a few areas of drizzle. but we're all pretty much in the 50s. so it is a relatively mild morning. but a look at live doppler 7 hd, you'll see the rain sits well offshore. we'll be waiting just about all day for it to arrive. here's the timing on it for the
8:30 am
north bay. at about 7:00, you'll be getting some pretty good downpours in cloverdale and santa rosa. it's going to take till about 8:00. so san francisco and the east bay will see rain then. by 9:00, still dry in much of the south bay. but we are expecting some rain in your neighborhood. for the rest of the day today, expect the bulk of the cloud cover to stay with us and look for maybe some hazy conditions in the south bay. otherwise, upper 50s to low 60s for most. and we'll see cool conditions in the mid-50s at the coast. so just a little bit of rain, certainly not like what we saw last weekend. i'll give you the amounts in a few minutes. >> thank you. the drought is affecting californians in different ways. imagine knowing your local reservoir is at capacity but you still face mandatory water restrictions. lisa kim has the story from calistoga. >> reporter: in calistoga, the days of the week will take on a whole new meaning. starting march 1st, homeowners
8:31 am
with odd-numbered addresses will only be allowed to water their yard tuesday and thursdays. those with an even-numbered address will be restricted to mondays and wednesdays. some wonder if their lawns are going to survive while others say the new rules are not going to be a problem. >> i don't water very much anyway because most of my yard survives on rainfall. and even though we haven't had very much this year, what we've had was sufficient. >> reporter: hosing down driveways and sidewalks will be prohibited. while this is considered a stage 2 water emergency, the deputy city clerk says it could be much worse. she remembers the drought in the '70s. >> when you showered, you brought a bucket in with you. as the water was getting warm, you capture that water. we called it gray water then. we would water our plants with thats a well. >> reporter: calistoga gets most of its word from the reservoir,
8:32 am
filled to capacity thanks to the last storm. but city leaders say it's still not enough. businessed are affected, too. they face the same restrictions as homeowners. restaurant workers have been told to scrape their dishes prior to rinsing. >> i'd rather be asked. sometimes i don't drink the water. i'd rather save it instead of wasting it. it's not a problem for me. and i don't see it being a problem for anyone so far. >> reporter: calistoga hopes the mandatory restrictions will resume water consumption by 20%. >> at that time will reduce their company's water usage by 30%. it will reduce landscape watering by half, turn off all decorative fountains and use brooms for cleaning up instead of hoses. our media partner "the contra costa times" reports the
8:33 am
fire district was awarded a grant of $2.5 million this week. the money will be spread over two years and will allow the district to hire up to nine firefighters and reopen the rodeo fire station, closed since may of 2012. the antioch teacher charged with abusing special education students has reached a plea agreement. our media partner "the contra costa times" reports under the deal, teresa allen has pleaded guilty to one felony charge of child abuse and two misdemeanors. she's accused of hitting children in the face and pinning them to the ground. we're learning more about the biggest shark fin bust since a statewide ban went into effect last july. it happened in january when the department of fish and wildlife found 2,100 pounds of illegal fins fins in san francisco. a judge will decide the owner's penalty. fish and wildlife agents tracked
8:34 am
the fins of shark fin soup turned up on the menu at a seafood restaurant in emeryville. there's a $21,000 reward being offered to help track down whoever shot and killed three sea otters. it happened last september at a state beach in pacific grove. two of the otters were shot in the head. the third through the back. sea otters are a protected species. the shooter will face jail time and $100,000 in fines if arrested. new this morning, president obama says congress should finish the job he started by raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. he said americans deserve to know where their representatives stand on this. he says if a lawmaker opposes the wage hike, americans should ask why. the president has issued an executive order raising federal contractor wages. but it does not apply to other workers. >> its effect would lift wages for about 28 million americans. it would lift millions of americans out of poverty and
8:35 am
help millions more work their way out of poverty without requiring a single dollar in new taxes or spending. it will give more businesses more customers with more money to spend. and that means growing the economy for everyone. >> the president is in california this weekend. he was touring drought-stricken areas yesterday. the san francisco giants are taking out the turnstiles and putting in metal detectors to screen fans going into at&t park this season. the move will put the giants in early compliance with major league baseball's mandate. fans will have to remove metal objects like their keys before passing through a detector and those who don't want to go through the detector can be checked by a handheld wand. there are only five days left for beer lovers to get their hands on one of the most celebrated brews in the world. according to the press democrats, the tap runs dry on thursday for plenty the younger. the russian river brewing
8:36 am
company released its batch a week ago. ever since, hundreds of people have been lining up at the door for a taste of it and for good reason. according to, it is among the highest ranked in the world of any beer, ale or barley wine. after months of public comment, the national parks service has issued new details on a plan to help protect yosemite national park. the park service had proposed banning rafting and bike rentals to guard against erosion among the merced river. it proposes limiting the number of visitors to yosemite valley to just under 19,000 a day, which is about what they get on a busy summer day and to ease congestion by adding more shuttle buses. still ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news, from adversaries to allies, the brand-new alliance, and unprecedented outreach to help students across the state. a live look outside right
8:37 am
now at sfo, gray skies here. it will be rainy later today. we're looking at a couple of cancellations in and out of sfo. but not necessarily weather-related. as always, check with your airline if you are traveling today. coming up after the break, lisa argen will have your forecast let you know where and when the rain is going to fall here in
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welcome back.
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the san francisco icon has been cleaned up and reintroduced as a present to the city this valentine's day weekend. dozens of people joined for the unveiling of the doggy diner head. the seven-foot head had mildewed. its paint was faded. online donors pitched in $51,000 for the clean-up. the first doggy head went up in 1966. it was designated a city landmark in 2006. we're looking at some rain coming up later today, different spots in the bay area. lisa argen tracking it. >> we are dry and mild right now. 55 degrees on top of the roof here. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where some areas of fog are creating some visibility problems over in santa rosa. so be careful. some of the pockets around the bay have dense fog. otherwise, we'll talk about evening rain in time for the parade. happy new year, we'll be back. thanks, lisa, also next, depending upon your perspective, this is either the best or the
8:41 am
worst trophy presentation ever. larry beil has the details
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team usa is on a roll in russia. but you don't have to be an athlete to be a champion. what's your sport? music, cooking? we want to see how you play the game of life in the bay area. send your videos to us or share them using the #whatsyoursport. steph curry will take part in the three-point shootout and harrison barnes is in the slam dunk contest. here's abc 7 news sports director larry beil with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody.
8:44 am
rooney is going into the basketball hall of fame, the lithuanian legend elected by the international committee nor enshrinement. the best of the world in new orleans, all-star weekend. rising stars challenge last night. grant hill's team facing weber's squad. 16 points on 5 of 12 shooting. hopefully that stroke is back. andre drummond from the pistons, 30 points, 25 boards. he was the mvp. hill's team won. the awards ceremony, priceless, with bank president angel kado presenting. >> mvp trophy to andre drummond. >> perfect comedic timing there.
8:45 am
definitely not top ten. that's okay, we can glue it back together. the trophy will be okay. it's going to look like new, i promise you. college hoops, arizona facing their archrival arizona state. eight seconds left. sun devils by one. mcconnell tries to float it in. denied. carson just has to run out the clock but he dunks leaving .7 of the clock. the inbound, nick johnson for the tie and overtime. oh! the wildcats lose for just the second time this season, 69-66. women's hoops, cal hosting arizona. gray with a double-double. 16 points, 11 boards. cleaning up here after the britney boyd miss. and boyd collides there with brianna workman and rolled her ankle. boyd forced to leave the game but cal won it 65-49. and the stanford women also
8:46 am
victorious as hay defeated arizona state. in a 144-page report the nfl concluded that jonathan martin faced a daily barrage of racial slurs and sexual taunts from several of his miami dolphins teammates. they say the stanford alum left the team last season unable to cope with the bullying and the harassment. according to nfl investigator ted wells, richie incognito and two other dolphins constantly ridiculed martin as well as another lineman and an assistant trainer. the offensive line coach jim turner apparently knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it. head coach joe philbin did not know. unclear if the nfl will hand down any punishment going forward. stanford baseball opening their season against rice. second inning, two men on for zach fospower. that's gone, three-run jack. plays strong safety for the cardinal football team. that was it for stanford.
8:47 am
rice's skyler ewing knocks home a pair in the fifth with this single. the owls beat stanford in their opener, 10-3, the final score. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. to check in now with meteorologist lisa argen on the forecast. lisa, you say some rain is coming. but certainly not enough. just how below average are we really? >> katie, we're only about 20% in san francisco and mountain view -- i should say san jose and mountain view. san francisco doing a little bit better at about 30%. but we're not even looking at an inch of rain with this incoming system. but it is on the way. we'll be looking at the north bay getting wet first. it's going to take a while to get here. you can see still 50 miles offshore. and when we do see it arrive, it's going to take through the evening and overnight hours for those of you in the east bay and south bay.
8:48 am
emeryville, pretty gray this morning. mild spot, half moon bay and san francisco at 55 degrees. it's 50 in san jose. los gatos, mild. mt. tam, blowing mist going on and a few areas of sprinkles as well this morning. 54, santa rosa. petaluma and vacaville with 49 in livermore. don't count on much in the way of sunshine today. san jose, though, with the overcast, you'll see just a little bit in the way of hazy sun. otherwise, we're all cloudy today with some fog. rain arrives throughout the late afternoon towards early evening hours in the north bay. and then it's over by the overnight hours. so we're sunny on sunday. presidents day on monday, looking fine if you're traveling throughout the state. you shouldn't have any weather trouble. but we have gusty winds and a quick shot of rain coming our way for the mountains. right now, it's all about the cloud cover. it is raining in mt. shasta. sunny in tahoe. and the rain is going to take a while to get here. as we go through 1:00, it's dry.
8:49 am
but as we head towards sunset, we'll see the rain begin. up towards sonoma county, it slides into marin by 6:00, 7:00. the east bay, not far behind. and by the tail end of the chinese new year parade, we'll look for some sprinkles and light rain showers. up towards vallejo, looking at rain. after 9:00, 10:00, when the south bay, the peninsula and gilroy see the rain. through the overnight hours, some spotty showers in the santa clara valley. then we're left with sunshine for sunday. temperatures will be fairly typical for your sunday. today, rainfall amounts anywhere from a quarter of an inch to an inch in the wettest locations. that's way north, anywhere from just a tenth to a half inch in the south bay. and maybe a quarter of an inch in the south bay. san francisco, 2.60 inches of rain. that keeps you at 27% of normal. san francisco, over 5 inches of rain. gusty winds and the snow coming
8:50 am
in late tonight into tomorrow into the sierra nevada with temperatures dropping just a little bit. the snow levels will be high and then lowering anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow. so melting in the afternoon unfortunately. 65 in sacramento. the rain already going on along the north coast. 76 in fresno. too warm for february. back home, 59, san francisco. 61 in san rafael with concord at 63. temperatures will pretty much stay in the 50s all throughout the day in the city. by 5:15, we'll see mid-50s, maybe some light showers throughout the evening. the accuweather seven-day forecast, clearing out on sunday. cloud it up, a few light sprinkles on tuesday and wednesday. thursday, partly cloudy. and we're back to more dry weather but cooler. we have a passage of a cold front on thursday into friday. but that cold front will not be bringing us any rain into next week. as for today, get the rain gear
8:51 am
out, the umbrellas will come in handy later on. >> with the three-day weekend for a lot of people, i suppose they'll enjoy some sunshine on monday. four colleges in california have formed an alliance to boost minority ph.d. students in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. minorities are underrepresented at this level. and these four universities want to change that. >> reporter: this is a ph.d. student in the math department at uc berkeley. one of her requirements is to teach to undergraduates. she gets a variety of responses when she enters a classroom for the first time. >> one is an audible gasp when i walk into the room. they're expecting a man. they're expecting an international student. >> reporter: certainly not a young latino. but in california, more than 52% of the state's public school students look like chavez. but very few make it to her level. >> we don't have anything like
8:52 am
that percentage of those students as undergraduates in our institutions, much less as professors and grablgt students. >> reporter: four universities have come together to change that. in 2011, of the 753 doctoral degrees awarded in science, technology, engineering and math at these four universities, only 59 went to underrepresented minority students. the people behind this new alliance believe diversity can only benefit these institutions. >> people bring different experiences. people bring different approaches to problems, scientific or otherwise, and there is research showing that when you bring diverse groups of people together, there's more creative solutions. >> reporter: to ensure the alliance is successful, the national science foundation has given them a $2.2 million grant. the other goal is to help their ph.d. students conduct more
8:53 am
research or become faculty members at any of the four universities. >> that power of four very highly recognized institutions all paying attention to your application at one time, very powerful medicine. >> reporter: the california alliance believes underrepresented minority students would benefit from having professors that look like them. >> students that come to me and say, you're the only person i can tell this to because i've not come across anybody who is a woman, who is a minority, who would understand. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. honoring an icon. celebrating the movies of shirley temple.
8:54 am
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the festival begins at 1:45 both days.
8:57 am
moviegoers can see all six films for $6. shirley temple died on monday at the age of 85. let's get you a final check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are looking at some sprinkles up towards sonoma county. also mendocino county coast. but the bulk of the activity offshore. this is not reaching the ground. but some sprinkles around. temperatures today in the upper 50s to the mid-60s. the rain comes in at night in the middle of the parade. clearing sunday and monday. next chance of rain with a much weaker system coming in on tuesday. >> lisa, thank you. thank all of you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, on facebook and on all of your foebl devices with our new abc 7 news app. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. in the meantime, grab your umbrellas. have a great day.
8:58 am
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." i've met thousands of animals over the years, but the ones that stick with me the most have incredible stories of survival. >> we believe he was attacked by a shark, and what do you think? >> orphans that have found new families, injured creatures nursed back to health, and a miraculous success story 20 years in the making. >> hello, my lovely girl. >> and later, don't miss my blooper of the week. don't you lean on me. he's gonna fall down on me.


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